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  review excerpts:
“A gritty selection of paintings and works on paper
by Petri Flint…present the artist’s own unique take
on the ‘landscape’…His robust use of color and
charcoal creates a raw energy…At the same time, his
choice of ‘amate paper’—a rough, tree bark paper
that he collected in Mexico—gives each work an even
deeper sense of the natural setting.  In Flint’s
painting ‘Climbing, Mexico’ (my favorite piece), a
painted hilly path adheres to a jagged collage of
overlapping paper, which itself climbs vertically within
the frame.  In this case, Flint’s art imitates life by
way of its own execution.”
  Val Maass, “Framed: Architects of Landscape,”
  South End News, June 12, 2003

“Petri Flint’s landscape paintings on paper made of Kingston, have a sensual quality.”
  Cate McQuaid, "Photos Make the Ordinary
  Unexpected,” The Boston Globe, June 20, 2003
“Petri Flint is a powerful landscape painter whose
works lie somewhere between the tragic bombast of
Anselm Kiefer and the lyrical beauty of Wolf Kahn.  
His cornfields under turbulent skies are wonderfully
painterly and often verge on the abstract, but they
never lose a crucial sense of actuality.”
 Miles Unger, “Spotlight,”
 Art New England, February/March 1992
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